5 Ways to Save Money on Storage

Here are some ideas from Kiwi Self Storage to help you save money on storing your goods.

1 – Declutter Before You Store.

Now is a great time to think about whether you still need to keep everything in your home. Too many old magazines and books? Any old appliances you haven’t used in years?
You can save money on storage space if you clean them out.

2 – Decide Whether to Store It or Replace It Later.

Long term storage of some of your large items may not be cost effective.
Would you be better off buying a replacement refrigerator later, instead of paying for extra storage space?

3 – Rent the Smallest Space Possible.

Our staff have a lot of experience with customers shifting households small and large. Talk to them for advice on the smallest space you will need.
Don’t forget we have a free Space Calculator and a Size Guide to help you work out your needs.

4 – Stack It High.

Make the most of your storage space by packing efficiently. Shelves will save you money by letting you stack items to the ceiling.
Make sure you keep your most used goods near the front where you can access them without moving everything.

5 – Downsize your storage.

Review your storage needs regularly. Your needs might change and there might be items that you no longer want.
Our staff can help you choose a smaller unit that will save you money on storing the items that you still need.

When you’re ready to discuss your storage needs, we’re here. Give us a call on 0800 58 57 56 or visit our website.